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About Us 

Our staff features three experienced Enrolled Agents plus one CTEC-licensed tax pro. We specialize in all individual tax returns as well as LLC, Sole Proprietorship, Trust, Estate, S Corporation, Corporation, Nonprofit, and Partnership business returns. Additionally, we prepare all state tax returns. We are open year-round, including on weekends and evenings. Our fees are based upon the complexity of your return. We do not charge by the hour. Please try us out. Bring a copy of last year's return in for a free consultation and fee estimate. 


We guarantee your satisfaction!

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JD Rinde, E.A.

His background includes over 40 years as a tax professional. Experience includes 31 years in management as Instructor and District Manager at H&R Block, the world's largest income tax preparation company. He is an Enrolled Agent, registered with the IRS to represent clients. His specialties are tax planning, investments and IRAs, small business, and rental real estate.


Agnes Thielen, E.A.

Enrolled Agent since 1987. Experience includes over 40 years as Master Tax Advisor, Instructor, and Office Leader at H&R Block. She specializes in rental income property and sole proprietorships.


Peter Globe, E.A.

Pete has over 32 years in the tax preparation business, including 26 tax seasons at H&R Block. He is an Enrolled Agent as well as having earned his U.S. Tax Court Practitioner designation. His expertise includes audit representation before the IRS. Pete specializes in Trust and Estate, Partnership, and Sole Proprietorship returns.

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Steve Shea

Steve prepared taxes for United Way VITA and AARP for 5 years prior to starting at HB Family Tax. He is certified by CTEC as a licensed tax preparer. He enjoys preparing all types of  individual tax returns including rentals, small business, and investments. He also can provide Roth conversion strategies.

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Tony Ramirez

Tony is our Office Manager. He started with our company 6 years ago during our first year in business. He has over 10 years’ experience in customer service. Tony enjoys meeting and serving all of our clients as they come in to do their taxes.

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